New patent published

Researchers and engineers from Eliko and the Tallinn University of Technology have jointly published a patent regarding impedance measurement technology.

Eliko in cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology have just received confirmation from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a new patent regarding impedance measurement. The patent outlines the “Method and Device for Impedance Analyzer with Binary excitation”. In other words, it confirms that our innovative Quadra Impedance Spectroscopy measurement technology using binary excitation gives better accuracy and is easier to generate compared to standard multisine excitation.


Quadra impedance spectroscopy platform is designed for applications, where the focus is on changes and comparison to baseline, such as measuring living cells and organs. The novel excitation signal combined with the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology enables very fast measurement in a compact device – up to 15 frequencies 1000 times per second.


Quadra is developed by prof. Mart Min’s impedance research group in the Tallinn University of Technology. It has been tested and used in a range of applications including material science and biomedicine.