R&D Programs

Eliko is part of IoT and UWB research projects developing novel solutions for multiple industries. Our multi-technology localisation platform enables more accuracy and precision and reliability with novel algorithms and methods.

Eliko’s research is supported by European Regional Development Fund.

Eliko’s applied R&D and product development project 2014-2020.4.02.21-0311 runs between 01.02.2021-30.06.2023.

The development of a digital industrial decision-making solution based on precise positioning technology by Eliko and Atemix Automation (Atemix Automaatika).

The project aims to develop a seamless positioning network for industrial environments both indoors and outdoors by combining UWB and GNSS RTK positioning technologies. Additionally, scalable application software is developed as an end-product aiming to increase the efficiency and productivity of industrial processes. The digital decision-making solution is based on the positioning network.

The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund with 2 501 200 euros.

Eliko’s competence centre project EU48693 runs between 01.07.2015-31.12.2022.

Eliko launched an Internet of Things (IoT) driven industrial R&D program in 2015. The aim is to help companies develop competitive products through active collaboration with universities. This is to ensure that companies invest in future-proof technologies in the IoT.

The program has two focus areas. Projects under the first area, sensing and signal processing in the IoT, develop algorithms suitable for compact and energy-efficient electronic devices. Better energy efficiency is essential for future connected applications.

In the second focus area, Eliko designs software and communication solutions that simplify data transmission in the IoT environment. IoT infrastructures, applications and services combine a complex set of technologies to deliver end-user applications for smart cities, smart factories and the smart home.

The program includes 22 industry-led R&D projects in a range of fields. The Competence Centre Project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund with 6 996 700 euros.

The 2014-2020.4.02.20-0236 runs between 01.07.2019-31.12.2023.

The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund with 345 000 euros.

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Eliko Competence Centre project (EU30017) ran between 01.07.2009-30.06.2015.

The previous Competence Centre project was focused on two research areas: sensing and communication in embedded smart space network and smart space services.

The project included more than 125 engineers and researchers and significantly strengthened R&D collaboration between Estonian universities and the ICT and electronics industry.

Over the course of 6 years, the project enabled around 30 companies to develop new or improve existing products and services. Overall, the project has helped Estonian companies to increase exports and develop long-term technological vision and strategic capabilities.

The project was financed with 7 662 316,14 euros by the European Regional Development Fund.

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Shaping the future

Eliko is shaping the future by developing next-generation positioning networks for digital solutions that depend on location data.

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