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General Questions

Does Eliko RTLS work both indoors and outdoors?

Eliko RTLS, which uses ultra-wideband (UWB) radio technology, works both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, while primarily an indoor positioning system, it is also suitable for temporary outdoor applications. The Wi-Fi anchors enable the quick and convenient setup of the system without having to worry about cabling.

For permanent outdoor installations, you should check UWB regulations, as such installations may be prohibited depending on the country or region. Learn more about the current status of regulations from UWB Worldwide regulations or contact us for in depth information about UWB regulations.

The required level of water resistance should also be considered when planning an outdoor application.

How accurately can I track with Eliko RTLS?

The UWB RTLS system by Eliko can achieve a tracking accuracy to within 3 centimetres (1 inch). The accuracy depends on environmental factors. Therefore, walls, their material and thickness, heavy machinery or other objects blocking the line-of-sight (LoS) may affect the accuracy.

Accuracy is also subject to anchor count. We can increase or decrease the density of anchors based on your accuracy needs and environment. We design the infrastructure anchor count for your accuracy needs. Most often, our customers require sub-30 cm to sub-1 metre reliable accuracy in 2D or 3D. Contact us for more guidance and knowhow regarding your unique case.

What kind of objects can I track with Eliko RTLS?

With the Eliko RTLS tag you can track forklifts, pallets, containers or manufactured parts, which are some of the most common examples from manufacturing. By tracking vehicles, you can also indirectly track material flow throughout the production processes.

You can also track people with Eliko RTLS. It has been used in various people tracking cases, ranging from employee route optimisation and safety provision in manufacturing to player location in several indoor sports.

In general, you can track any object which the small tag can be attached to. All you need to do is attach the tag to the object or person you would like to track. Read our case studies for more examples.

Is it possible to position assets through walls with Eliko RTLS?

Yes, you can track objects in non-line-of-sight (nLoS) conditions with Eliko RTLS, which allows tracking through walls and partitions. Eliko RTLS has been optimised for maximum possible coverage and reliability in challenging conditions. However, there are some materials that prove hard to penetrate, such as concrete, thick metal and materials with a high moisture and liquid content. Therefore, the accuracy is mainly dependent on the materials used in the walls and their thickness.

We have worked with customers from various industries with demanding tracking area conditions, which has given us practical knowledge for a range of cases. Contact our experts at to find the best solution for your specific case.

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