Impedance Spectroscopy

Quadra platform is a patented impedance spectroscopy analyser suitable for both embedding and autonomous field applications. Electrical impedance spectroscopy is a widely recognised, non-destructive method for examining the properties of different materials and objects.

Simultaneous 15-frequency measurement for detecting subtle changes

Real-time 1000 measurements per second sampling rate for monitoring rapid changes

Patented technology based on 40 years of experience in impedance measurement

Software enables simple customisation for any application

About Quadra

Quadra impedance mapping technology is the result of 40 years of research by Eliko and the Tallinn University of Technology. The platform enables fast, real-time detection of changes in any object with electrical properties.

Quadra is both compact and powerful. It enables very fast, real-time detection of changes in any object with electrical properties.

Quadra has several applications in biomedicine, diagnostics and food technology.

The compact impedance-mapping technology can be used for creating portable connected devices or large-scale measurement systems. Quadra has validated applications in material and biological sciences, such as:

  • Identifying non-ferrous metal alloys
  • Medical diagnostics in cardiology
  • Meat quality measurement in food technology

How it works

Quadra platform generates a binary waveform with real-time calculation of impedance. It is possible to select different sets of 15 spectrogram frequencies. The highest set, 1 kHz…349 kHz is suitable for applications from tissue and material structure mapping to detection of cells and coatings. The lowest set, 0.5 Hz … 195 Hz extends down to frequencies used for electrochemical applications.

The impedance data is used for mapping and correlation with a phenomenon of interest. The ability to measure multiple frequency points in high repeatability mode results in an accurate real-time characterization of the object.

Get real-time impedance data with Quadra

Application-specific front-ends

Software enables simple customisation for any application

Dedicated support team

Frequently asked questions

What are the elements of the Quadra platform?

The Quadra impedance spectroscopy platform consists of an application specific front-end and the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) module, which streams measured data to the host system for further processing. The platform can be implemented as modules—in separate enclosure(s) or integrated into the host system enclosure. The front-end and DSP circuits can also be embedded in a custom PCB design.

What is the spectrogram acquisition period?

The spectrogram acquisition period depends on the selected frequency range. For example, by selecting the highest frequency range (1 to 349 kHz) the acquisition period is 1 ms.

What powering options does Quadra have?

USB bus: 500 mA (2.5 VA), or internal battery (8 h autonomous operation).

What does the evaluation kit include?

The Quadra evaluation kit includes:

  • Quadra DSP module;
  • Single shunt front-end with voltage excitation and 1 kΩ current measurement shunt;
  • Software (Windows GUI; LabVIEW and matlab toolboxes) for operating Quadra as well as data acquisition and visualisation;
  • Impedance demo board for setup verification.
What are the module dimensions?

(110 × 60 × 20) mm, (140 x 60 x 20) mm with a front-end.

What is the accuracy of Quadra?

The accuracy of the system is up to 0.1 %, but it depends on the measurement and frequency range. (0.1 % of the measured value represents the repeatability error of the Quadra.)

What does the software include?

The Quadra Control Panel, a graphical user interface (GUI), uses Windows operating system. It enables configuration of the system and real-time visualisation of the measurement results. The software package also includes LabVIEW and MATLAB toolboxes with similar functionalities.

Which use cases does it best suit?

We see many companies and research groups develop innovative products based on impedance measurement—now widely used in many scientific and technical fields. For example, applications can be found in biomedicine, robotics, material science, the food industry and energetics to name a few.

In general, applications where the measurement time is limited or the phenomenon of interest is changing rapidly best suit impedance spectroscopy. The high repeatability of the measurement and a sufficient number of frequency points on the spectrogram facilitate the accurate characterisation of objects or systems under investigation.

How much does it cost?

The Quadra starter kit costs 3100 euros.