Industrial RTLS

Industrial RTLS brings transparency to manual operations.
Track assets, WIP and products to measure process efficiency and quality. Build safe zones and avoid collisions with real-time warnings.
industrial rtls

Eliko RTLS Improves Process Transparency at Krah Pipes

RTLS is the backbone of future productivity and safety

Enter the era of Industry 4.0. More efficient deployment of equipment and personnel as well as better management of assets, materials and end products. A safe workplace with digital safety zones and reliable real-time alarms and prompt notifications. Transparent, automatic operations for audits, regulators, and just-in-time production. All this and more can already be achieved. The future of manufacturing relies on real-time location data with the industrial RTLS as the backbone of solutions. We have all the resources to help you achieve those seamless digital experiences.

Industry challenges


Unplanned downtime

The average OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) in manufacturing is only 60% due to unplanned stops and delays in the production process. Too much time is wasted on manual searches for pallets and materials. Production plants can see about 800 hours of unplanned downtime per year, which can cost up to 45 bln EUR per year.


Lack of transparency

Production engineers and logistics planners struggle to get accurate data on what is happening on the production floor or in warehouses. Due to a lack of transparency and good quality data, it’s difficult to make informed decisions. Without transparency materials and goods get lost, events go unnoticed and efficiency suffers.


Environmental Impact

30 min of search time costs 140,000 EUR annually for a fleet of 20 forklifts. This waste causes an equivalent of three Helsinki-London airplane rides’ worth of CO2 emissions. The industry needs to become more sustainable starting with the efficient use of resources.


Workplace safety

People are injured every day in vehicle collisions and accidents while using equipment. Reducing costly and demoralising accidents is a top priority for most industrial companies.

Employee safety and productivity solutions

Forklift tracking

Forklift tracking

The indoor tracking system for manually or automatically operated vehicles in warehouses or production plants enables you to gain more transparency over the logistics processes and find bottlenecks to increase efficiency.

  • Optimise fleet size by cutting idle time
  • Optimise routes and decrease distance travelled
  • Find and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Reliable automated data for external audits
Industrial safety RTLS

Proximity solutions

The RTLS proximity solutions increase the safety of employees in harsh environments. Eliko RTLS creates geofences around both moving and static machines and gives warnings with visual and audio alerts. The system detects when people come within a preconfigured range of the machine.

  • Reduce costly accidents, increase productivity
  • Build full-coordinate RTLS network on machine
  • Reliable low-latency 10 ms alerts over Ultra-Wideband
  • Automatic speed reduction and machine shut-off integrations


Material handling

Material handling

Accurate and reliable RTLS enables to track pallets both directly and indirectly. By tracking the location of carriers – such as forklifts, overhead cranes, it’s possible to create a virtual location of a product with every drop-off. This can reduce system costs up to 7 times. It is the only solution for handling materials where placing a tracker on the product is impossible.

  • Find products fast without deploying thousands of trackers
  • Identification and location built into one database
  • Build FIFO logic, optimise pick-up and drop-down routes

Process Optimisation

RTLS creates transparency into manufacturing operations and improves overall OEE by around 3%. The system can help pick the right raw materials fast using location data and notifications over UWB. RTLS also improves the production cycle times by reducing micro-stoppages and idle time.

  • Complete transparency of operator-led processes
  • Discover and remove micro-stoppages
  • Seed up cycle times by removing process bottlenecks

Flexible and reliable RTLS for powering a wide range of applications

Build an infrastructure of anchors to enable process optimisation, FIFO, quality assurance, and proximity solutions all in one single network. If high accuracy is not needed, the RTLS enables just checkpoint-based tracking and presence detection solutions. Eliko RTLS can also be deployed around machines for safety solutions.

More about the Eliko RTLS

“As our plant has many components, materials and finished goods as well as a large number of vehicles, it used to be hard to know what was happening on the shop floor and make plans in real time. We installed the real-time tracking system in our main production building. It is full of manufacturing machinery, from heavy presses and conforming machines full of metal to assembly lines with high aluminium profiles. The first big challenge was to get an accurate system in these conditions. We studied several real-time tracking systems with different technologies and, in the end, we decided to implement the UWB RTLS from Eliko. For us, it had the best location tracking results, the easiest configuration and the best cost-efficiency ratio.”

Tiago Moura
Digitalisation Engineer at Bosch Thermotechnology

Why Eliko


We put the core positioning technology first to provide you with reliable low-latency location data for your applications.


Our hardware is highly optimised, which means you need up to half the hardware typically required to set up the infrastructure.


Our flexible technology and agile team enable you to pilot quickly and configure the system to your application needs.


We guarantee full lifecycle support from solution consultation, network design and installation to maintenance.


Our passionate and diverse team has 10+ years of experience with positioning technologies and 7+ years with UWB.


We grow alongside our partners and customers and continuously innovate to stay at the forefront of technological solutions.

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Shaping the future

Eliko is shaping the future of industries by developing next-generation positioning networks for digital solutions that depend on location data.

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