The new KIO RTLS for micro positioning

We’re happy to announce that the RTLS is now tested and truly ready for micro positioning applications. It enables to reliably achieve 5-30 cm accuracy by adjusting the configuration and anchor positions.

Moving from 30cm to 5 cm


The RTLS has thus far officially offered reliable 30 cm accuracy. We have decidedly stayed away from the Decawave radio chip’s promise of 10 cm accuracy with a long line of sight range. In our experience, real-life applications rarely take place in wide-open spaces where the line of sight is a given. In reality, you have oddly shaped rooms, obstacles, walls and racks of goods and equipment. Moreover, you have people that mostly consist of water, which is a poor substance for radio waves to penetrate. By managing clients’ expectations, the KIO RTLS has managed to offer reliable 30 cm positioning accuracy even in non-line-of-sight conditions.

How it works?


With the new KIO RTLS micro-positioning configuration, anchors will be placed more closely together, enabling higher sampling rate and better accuracy. Depending on the level of detail needed, the KIO RTLS is a cost-effective way to build a range of applications.

Micro positioning enables new use cases


We have been working with several use cases where our clients need to get more precise data on the position of people or objects. One example is tracking workers’ hand movements on a production line to ensure that they perform all the required tasks in the right order. This, in turn, increases the traceability of production and increases efficiency by reducing costs on quality control procedures.