Frequently Asked Questions


Can I also see the orientation of the moving object if I track it with the tag?

Yes, it is also possible to see the orientation of a moving object simply by adding an additional tag on the tracked vehicle or asset. Contact us at to find the best solution for your particular case.

Can you make the tag smaller?

The size of a tag is 63x42x13 mm (LxWxH). Contact us to discuss your custom design requirements. The size of a tag is mainly dependent upon the type of battery used. Much smaller designs are possible using primary batteries.

How many tags can I add to the system? How many assets can I track with the system simultaneously?

You can add as many tags to the system as you need, but the following aspects must be considered:

  • What is the required update rate for the tags;
  • How many tags need to use the same anchor simultaneously;

There is a limit on how many tags can be connected to the same anchor at the same time.

Contact our RTLS experts to find the best solution for your specific case.

What is the range of a tag?

The operational distance of a tag is up to 70 metres from anchors.

Can we configure the update rate of tags? What are the update rate options for tags?

Yes, you can modify the update rate of tags based on your needs. The update rate can be changed easily with the corresponding API command or the Eliko RTLS Manager. With a standard setup you can choose an update rate from once per minute up to 40 Hz (40 updates per second). Up to 300 Hz update rates are also possible if necessary, contact us to discuss a custom solution.

How are tags powered? What is the battery life of tags?

Eliko RTLS tags are battery-powered and can last up to 6 months without charging. The battery life depends on the update rate. Here are some possible battery life examples:

  • update rate every second – 4+ weeks;
  • update rate every minute – 6+ months.

Learn more about the battery from the Eliko Tag Specification Sheet.

How do the tags work?

Tags are small mobile devices which enable you to track anything or anyone. To see the real time location and movement of an object, place a tag on the object you would like to track. Make sure the battery-powered tag is switched ON using the button on the front side of the tag. The suitable update rate for the tag is configurable from the Eliko RTLS Manager when setting up the system.

The mobile tag uses ultra-wideband (UWB) radio technology to communicate with the anchors that are placed around the tracking area. The tag chooses anchors based on self-learning algorithms from which the distances are calculated. Based on the distances measured, the coordinates are calculated in the server using state-of-the-art ReCalc and self-learning algorithms.

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